26 februari 2020

European Journal of Psychotraumatology

Henriette E. van Heemstra, W. F. Scholte, J. F. G. Haagen & P. A. Boelen


Objective: Due to traumatic experiences and highly prevalent post-migration stressors, refugees are vulnerable for developing psychopathology. To date, research has mainly evaluated trauma-focused therapies, targeting post traumatic stresss symptoms. Treatments targeting post-migration stressors are relatively understudied. The present cohort study evaluated the potential effectiveness of 7ROSES, a transdiagnostic intervention that aims to increase self-efficacy among treatment-seeking refugees in dealing with post-migration stressors. Because it can be applied by non-specialist health care workers, it can be disseminated on a large scale, thereby increasing options for psychosocial support for refugees.
Method: Forty-nine refugees (65% male, average age: 36.02 years, SD = 8.52) with psychopathology were included. Before and after participation in 7ROSES, self-efficacy was measured using the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSES), and general psychopathology using the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI).
Results: Completers analysis yielded a significant increase in GSES scores (Z = -2.16, p = .03) and significant decrease in BSI scores (Z = -2.05, p = .04) with medium-small effects (both r = -.28). Intent-to-treat analysis, using predictive mean matching imputation, yielded significant results for the GSES (p = .012) but not for the BSI (p = .14) with small effects (GSES r = .14, BSI r = .12). Reliable change indices established negative change in 3%, no change in 70%, and positive change in 27% based on the GSES; percentages were 11.5%, 65.5%, and 23%, respectively, based on the BSI.
Conclusion: Findings provide preliminary evidence that 7ROSES could improve self-efficacy and general mental health in refugees with psychopathology.

Keywords: Refugees, Post-migratory Stressors, Self-Efficacy, Transdiagnostic Intervention, General Mental Health.

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